How much do Plainville sticks weigh?

Our stick weights can vary slightly depending on flex, pattern and other details. Due to our sticks being stripped down with no designs, they are as light as possible, while still holding the same durability as big name brand companies! Included below is weight chart of our latest sticks that are available to purchase:

Senior: 415 +/-10 grams

Intermediate: 400 +/-10 grams

Junior: 335 +/-10 grams

Youth: 300 +/-10 grams


What is the difference between Plainville sticks and Bauer sticks?

The big difference between Bauer sticks and our sticks is that for $160 more, you can purchase a top of the line Bauer stick with a flashy design and big name brand printed on the shaft. If you'd like to take the smart approach and save some money, you can purchase our sticks at a much lower price! Other than that, our sticks and Bauer's 1S, 1N and 1X are very similar! All are made out of 18K carbon weave. All the sticks are true one-piece with 100% carbon. Our sticks are constructed with the highest grade carbon material and made through an advanced engineering process called compression molding or what Bauer likes to call “monocomp” molding.


What blade patterns do you carry?

You can check out the eight blade patterns we carry on our blade comparison page!


How long will it take until I receive my stick?

After ordering your stick, if the stick you ordered is in stock, we will ship out your stick directly to you within 24 hours. If your stick is not in stock, please allow about 2-3 weeks for production. Your stick will be immediately shipped directly to you once production is completed!


Does my Plainville hockey stick have a warranty?

You can check out our warranty information on our warranties page.